We maintain, an extensive inventory of specialty tools, equipment and manufacturer specified repair facilities for paint, composites and aluminum work.

Precise control of weld temperature and penetration depth are key to proper structural repairs that will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

We use only OEM approved equipment including:

  • Millermatic 211 MIG
  • Miller TIG
  • Elektron Multispot MI-100
  • Bronze Brazing

A frame bench is a rigid guide that ensures any frame damage is repaired to OEM specifications. There is no guess-work, your vehicle will be in perfect alignment.

We have industry leading equipment in house including:

  • Celette Sevenne XL
  • Bentley Fixtures
  • Global Mobile System
  • Aston Martin Fixtures
  • Chief Chassis Liner

Aluminum repair requires clean room procedures to prevent bi-metallic corrosion, ensuring proper welding and paint adhesion.

  • Eurovac Fume Extraction
  • Tiger-Vac Aluminum
  • Wielander and Schill

Meticulous surface preparation is the foundation of a flawless paint job. However approaching perfection also requires the right tools:

  • Spray-Bake Booths
  • SATA Spray Guns
  • Norton & 3M Filtration
  • Glasurit 90 Line Paint
  • 3M Abrasive Products