Dell Exotic Autoworks is a certified repair shop for some of the most exclusive luxury and performance automobile manufacturers in the world. Factory certification requires a level of dedication to the craft that is seldom matched by other automotive manufacturers.

Rolls Royce

Founded at the turn of the 20th century by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, Rolls Royce is unquestionably one of the most iconic luxury automotive manufacturers the world over.

Recognized for luxuriously appointed interiors and fine coachwork, Rolls Royce has earned this coveted position guided by the words of it’s founder: “Take the best that exists and make it better.”Sir Henry Royce

Dell Exotic Autoworks is proud to be recognized as a certified paint and body center by this prestigious marque since 2010.


Synonymous with luxury and performance, Bentley Motorcars is one of the most recognized luxury car manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1919 by engineer and racing enthusiast Walter Owen Bentley, the company set numerous speed and endurance records.

W.O. considered the cars of his day to be dangerous, unsophisticated and noisy. The current generation of vehicles embrace his principles and continue to set the standard for automotive luxury and performance.

Dell Exotic Autoworks has been a Bentley certified repair center since 2007. The first shop in Northern California to attain this certification. We are proud to have repaired hundreds of vehicles in the last 10+ years.

“I wanted to make a fast car, a good car: the best in its class…” W.O. Bentley


The iconic Italian automaker, embodies the pinnacle of automotive excellence with its relentless pursuit of design and performance. Renowned for their striking aesthetics and unrivaled power, Lamborghini cars captivate enthusiasts worldwide. From the thunderous engines and lightning-fast acceleration to the exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious interiors, each Lamborghini model offers a thrilling and immersive driving experience. Owning a Lamborghini represents a unique lifestyle and an unwavering commitment to individuality, symbolizing success and passion. Discover the extraordinary and elevate your driving experience with Lamborghini, an embodiment of automotive perfection and Italian engineering prowess.

Aston Martin

“Power, Beauty and Soul”

Founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, the Aston Martin DB series is the quintessential British sports car. The company’s current vehicles embody luxury with a subtle nod to the raw nature of it’s racing heritage.

Dell Exotic Autoworks has been Aston Martin certified since 2009